Saturday, January 31, 2009

Trying My Hand at Some Jewelry

I've been rehabbing again. This time with vintage jewelry and vintage jewelry supplies. I'm not sure if these should all go on BROOKLYNrehab or if I should start a new store called BROOKLYNadorned. Anyone have some advice?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Where are they now? Tree Vase

Oh how I love to see what people do with the things they buy from my store. Again I was so lucky to find a photo on this wonderful blog called Vintage Song Bird. The vase was purchased by her sister as a surprise gift so I included a little burlap gift bag. Be sure to check out Vintage Song Bird's ETSY store as well.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Latest Obsession

In a desperate attempt to find a suitable structure to support a tree made from jeans (yes sometimes my job throws me a curve ball) I found this site that sells topiary frames. I'm in love and must have one. Just think of all the cools things you do with it. I'm picturing one covered in fabric.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Store Alert!

I discovered a new Etsy favorite today: THE SUITCASE by Kareem Rizk out of Melbourne, Australia. He works in mediums including collage, acrylic, oil pastel, pencil, solvent transfers and acrylic transfers. The result is highly textured and often multi-layered with a nostalgic and weathered quality and a bit of humor and charm.

Kareem Rizk, Patriotism, 2006

Kareem Rizk, The Park, 2006

Dear Erie Basin and Heir, Just a quick note to let you know that if I get laid-off from my fashion design job this year I will gladly come work for either of you. I could spend all day in your stores. My resume' will be in the mail shortly. Kindest regards, Alyssa

Alison Is My Soulmate*

*OK a mild exaggeration but I must say that whatever strange and weird tangent I get on exploring the things that fascinate me, I find Alison is right there with me. It does help that she has the coolest job in the world writing for the storque on ETSY. This picture is from her featherpillows tumblr.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

This Just In: NYC Signs

Thank you 2 or 3 Things I Know blog for finding these super cool signs!

Wild Gnome Spotting

Just incase you are not sick of my gnomes by now, I have one more post! I spotted this post on Decor8 blog a few months back. It also introduced me to SOWN. I absolutely love these amazing pillows made from feed bags. They collage the layers so beautifully and even incorporate handwritten details. I'm drawn to anything that reveals a hint of an object's former life. It's a theme I like to explore in my own work.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Where are they now?

BROOKLYNrehab vintage items spotted in the wild. I was so happy when Eunice Moyle of Hello Lucky bought these vintage faux scrimshaw plaques from me. I was even more thrilled to see by chance how she incorporated them into her lovely home. Designsponge ran this article on the sisters and posted the photo below. I've actually been drawn to the raw beauty of scrimshaw for some time now. Here are a few of the pieces that I have collected and sold over the past year. You can sometimes find good ones on ebay.

Downtown Chalet

The photos are up on Apartment Therapy. Go there and (vote) for Jane.
More details shots are posted on Jane's site.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sneak Peek

Here is a very special look into the mind of a creative genius. This is Jane Mount's plan for her "Downtown Chalet" being assembled at the 59th street Bloomingdales.

A couple months ago she was asked by the folks at Apartment Therapy to design a window to be part of a small competition called the Big Window Challenge to help promote the relaunch of Bloomingdale's furniture department by designing a room with furniture from the new lines they carry.

3 people were selected to design a window showing a living/dining area set-up, as if in a small apartment. Jane's includes a wall mural made from a photo of the Eiger in Switzerland, a crazy Ikea-hacked chandelier (by Jane herself, and a bunch of art by her and some other excellent people, including Jason Polan and Shawn Creeden

AND I'd like to point out that those gnomes on the right hand side are BROOKLYNrehab. OK most of them are. Are few are souless store boughts to help fill in the shelf. It takes a long time to make that many gnomes. Believe me I know. I first made them for Jane to be displayed on her reception tables at her fabulous wedding this past summer. I'll post some pictures from that later (If she approves of course).

Ok enough text for now. Next post will be mostly pictures I promise.

Designers and Crafters Unite

OBAMA cross stitch by archicraft available at ETSY
OBAMA stamp available at KIOSK

So many indie designers and crafters inspired to document this wondrous occasion. I have begun to be a little more hopeful and even proud to be an American, part of a country that has evolved and grown ready to embrace a change. Perhaps this restored faith in government has drawn me back to the eagle. I keep buying vintage items gracing this majestic bird. I have one item left in my store.

Monday, January 19, 2009

I {HEART} Mushrooms

It is not a secret. I love mushrooms. So for my first ceramic mold I made a mushroom of course. Since then I've been {hearting} all the mushroom items I can find on ETSY. My 2 favorites are this mushroom card by pearlmarmalade and these mini terrarium sized ones by mudpuppy.

While googling mushrooms I came across Field where you can buy the cutest mushroom kits to grow them in your own home. I know where my stimulus check is going!

White Ceramics

Inspired by my "White on White" post I decided to gather up all my white ceramics and look at them together. In clockwise order staring from the top left:
1. porcelain owls available at BROOKLYNrehab.ETSY
2. porcelain bird available at BROOKLYNrehab.ETSY
3. vintage ceramic kitty (sorry already sold)
4. porcelain squirrels by request only (email me)
5. vintage leaning tower of Pisa (sorry already sold)
6. vintage ceramic bird (sorry already sold)
7. vintage bottles (sorry already sold)
8. vintage horses (sorry already sold)

Next time I'll try to post something that is more fun for you than it is for me. Sorry this was a guilty pleasure.

Late add: Obviously Klein Reid has seen my post and copied me (wink).

white on white

I love how the color white brings out the shadows that really define a form. The photo is from Apartment Therapy. I go there too much already but now I am completely obsessed waiting for my friend Jane's window to be revealed on the Big Window Challenge sponsored by Bloomingdales and hosted by AT. I swear I have not been paid to promote it!

Curio Cabinet by Miniature Rhino

Curio Cabinet by Miniature Rhino, originally uploaded by *az.

I traded one of my NY Souvenir Pigeon Feather test tubes for this lovely miniature collection of curiosities. I could not be more pleased. I just love her aesthetic. Eventually I will buy one of everything in her store.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Testing Testing 1, 2, 3

Hi welcome to my 2nd attempt at a blog. My 1st one ALINE/Fake lace died when fashion job employer decided to block all blogs which is a shame because as a designer I found most of my inspiration on other people's blogs. It is a very quick way to see trends emerge in realtime. Anyway that was then and this is now. In the wee hours of the night I will attempt to post. 

See more images of my home here.