Monday, February 16, 2009

Beautiful Things By Beautiful People

"K" is for "Knack" of Knack Studios. A wonderful shop in South Carolina filled to the brim with beautiful things. The owner herself is a lovely soul who also transforms old things and gives them new life. Be sure to check out her blog and her flickr for some shots of her store and current inventory. You will soon find her a favorite yourself.

Knack Studios


  1. Ok..... You are just the sweetest gem!! Thank you so very much for this post! Xoxo

  2. hi
    found you thru knack glad i did
    love your initial pin

  3. oh thank you! i love your work too and immediately added your blog and etsy store to my favorites after discovering you on knack. it is so nice to know that after a year of etsy i can still be awed and amazed by people. the creative circles keep getting bigger or should I say the space between us is getting smaller. thanks for saying HI.