Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Where are they now? Plastic Trees Part 3

I got a special treat from Uglypants today. She sent me a photo of the trees she bought from me. Look at all the ETSY loot she has. I just love staring at the picture and remembering how I saw them photographed. Let's see the houses are from Ladies and Gentleman. The glass car is from me. I think I recognize the set of partridges and the boy and girls heads. OK off to make my guesses on who sold what by checking their sold items.


  1. This photo is great! Is this her collection? I wish mine were that organized --- very cool indeed.

  2. OMG. good eye! those wooden houses are from L&G! yay! your adorable trees looks so perfect in that scene! I'm happy to see those houses are in a good and happy home with other cool stuff! good team work! :D