Saturday, May 16, 2009

Crush: Catherine & Hans

Is it possible for a single straight girl to have a crush on a married couple? That is what it feels like. When you see the handmade invitations and wedding decorations lovingly made by the groom (yes I said groom), you will feel it too. From the iDIY blog posted on Creature Comforts.

Of course I just love the piano player roll. Such a great idea. Too bad I already sold mine!


  1. a seriously sweet man there-- and sweet couple-- i think they look a bit like fraternal twins!! i can see why you have a crush on them!! some couples look like they were born to be together--they definitely fit the bill. that invitation is incredibly wonderful --the lengths he went to to put it all together are heart squeezing!!
    now my next thought is.. can a married woman have a crush on a married couple? hah!! ?

    and speaking of crushes--- i think i have a crush on teenangster as well--she has the most incredible eye and i look for her post every week with great anticipation--definitely a highlight!!! so nice to see some of her personal collections-- antlers are looking good alyssa!

  2. i really should try and edit more carefully before i post... !

  3. wow how do you do it? queen of the front page and you have time to blog! i must learn from the master of multi-tasking. teach me your ways :)

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