Sunday, June 7, 2009

I'm a horrible blogger. I admit it!

I am very bad at posting these days and have a bunch of excuses for it.
1. I have a full time design job plus ETSY shop. Yeah, Yeah you heard it before.
2. I say YES to everything even if I'm up to 2 am everynight.
3. It is summer and sometimes it is nicer to eat an ice cream cone then run home to post.

Lucky for me I am very VERY good at making time to read all the amazing blogs out there where people have found ways to balance their lives and post interesting and inspiring for example Urban Lifestyle Decor.

Here is a little random sampling of the lovely things you will find there.


  1. Ha ha...but I keep coming back, so you must be doing something right! :) You're too hard on yourself.

  2. YES! I guess that is true. You all are the best blog friends a girl could ever want. Thanks for snapping me out of it!