Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Longshoreman

Not sure if that is all one word. I think not but I never follow the rules. Maybe that is my problem. I just can't seem to win a treasury. The magic window never appears. Once again here is my fake treasury using the sketch tool so you can see what items I would have wanted to showcase. Sorry no links :(

Click to see bigger then type the store names into the search box on etsy.


  1. Lovely! I finally got a treasury last week. It takes a lot more patience and time than I expected or have most of the time. I love imadeyouabeard, especially because her name is imadeyouabeard.

  2. Thanks for including my things! I too absolutely love the beard, how nice to think that someone could makeyouabeard! xx

  3. I think that's lovely!! Especially love the necklace and tee!!