Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Hunt: Animals

There are animal influences everywhere nowadays from the deer and antler craze in the stationary world to the names of bands such as Grizzly Bear and Artic Monkeys. I thought this post would be fitting if I showed you some of the latest little creature related web stuff that I found (minus the turkey).

Introducing the beautiful pieces by Dare Song – Love Louis the Horse 

Sharon Montrose’s adorable and simply animal photographs  

Very chic soft toys by Bookhou

The engrossing tale of Daily Coyote

Andrew Zuckerman’s new book Bird -  stunning video on the site you MUST watch

Lion Medallion Ring by Species by  the Thousands


  1. I love all these animal themed goodies! I hope this craze sticks around for a while.

  2. every year i keep thinking it will go away but it hasn't. the animals just keep changing :)

  3. Oh! have you seen the whole bird book?!?! it is simply breathtaking! whole color palettes could be generate from those birds. amazing!