Tuesday, February 16, 2010

From the office of ONE

Today is my 1st official day not working for the man. I woke up and started doing my pilates DVD as planned (the same plan I had as a New Years Resolution but never did). I played it on my laptop so I could be in the "big space" where I could kick and not break something. BIG MISTAKE! I kept wondering what was happening behind the window of people stretching and bouncing on my screen. I knew just one window below was my email and behind that were all my webpages open. I couldn't see them but I KNEW they were there. I kept wondering who had just updated their blog, what was being tweeted and who was on the front page of ETSY. Yes all these things were far more interesting to me than strengthening my core. I stopped the DVD, pulled out a chair and started surfing the web.

 Then I realized my real window for "same day" wash and fold was slowly closing. It's such a bummer to arrive just after the cut-off and if you are a busy person like me, you have waited until the last minute and need every towel and sheet that is in that bag. In my younger years I would simply buy new underwear or whatever I needed to gain more time but I'm an adult now and a new small business owner. I need to be responsible and save money. With mission accomplished and same day victory in hand, I celebrate with a latte then headed into the city for supply shopping but returned with a few extra impulse items. BAD. I need to stop doing that and save money/be strategic....BUT it feels so good. NOTE TO SELF, start an ESTY store to sell all the "impulse purchases" I never got around to using. My old co-workers were starting to call my apartment the "Brooklyn-Michaels." Yes it pretty much is a craft store.

 Anyway back to my awkward attempt to have a biographical blog post. I totally forgot to mention that my plan to navigate the subway system without stepping foot outside as I went from jewelry store to over-priced shoe repair place led me by chance to Urban Outfitters. There I discovered the "grow your own crystals" kit. I simply NEEDED one. The kits were based on your astrological element: air, fire, earth, water. Each had its own color. Despite my "water-signess" (Scorpio) I totally wanted the air one. It was the only water grow crystal set that was clear in color and did not look artificially stained by food coloring. Of course I have nothing to go on but the picture on the box and my childhood memory of how fun it was to make them. I could not actually "see" the crystals as they were not formed yet. Anyway, after looking at every single box (30 or so of them), I was defeated. NO AIR KITS. I left a little sad but then realized I was headed to the studio at 2 pm after a great morning not 9 pm after a full day's work for the man. WOOHOO.

More tomorrow...


  1. Oh I'm so excited for you. FINALLY! I'm here for you if you need anything! Might I suggest...


    A great group of people (guys too if you can believe it!) that is always there for advice, support and encouragement.

  2. Oh yay! You'll get into a groove in no time! :) All the best!

  3. COngrats!! you're doing so well. i'm really excited for you. i could so relate to your internet "window". it's always in the back of my mind too...
    yay for you!!!

  4. thanks as always Alison! OXO

    Awww Summer you always bring me joy.

    Jessica, we finally can meet up sometime this spring...when you are not traveling to exciting and exotic places ;)

  5. wow--from what i'm gathering-- you made the jump and "quit your day job"!! i love that expression--because what it means is that you now have a day and night job --right?? but it's your day and night job-- many congrats alyssa-- !!

  6. oh-- and i can see why you would want a clear crystal growing kit-- but the green is a pretty good 2nd choice... springy.

  7. Alyssa, how exciting!! It's not a cakewalk by any means, but I think good things are in your future. Let's meet up for coffee one afternoon!