Friday, May 28, 2010


Off to Tulum with my family. We had so much fun the first time that we are doing it again. The only problem is that it overlaps with Brooklyn Renegade. I have to leave a day early and get in at midnight the night before the 2 day craft-o-rama. A small price to pay for paradise.


  1. Terribly jealous! I spent some time camping in Tulum at a place called "Ol Iguana" run by an amazing, young Swiss family. It was delightful! I hope you see some turtles (without a flashlight)!

  2. Thanks! I have not seen turtles but plenty of iguana!!!

  3. i've been there too! i stayed at the papaya playa in a sand bottomed shack. crabs crawlin around, swings on the beach, cenotes, showeres under the stars & some of the best beach time i've ever had.