Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dive Into Savings

One thing I've recently learned to embrace about my 30's is that you know your body. In the past I always spent so much money on clothes from really nice places. Sort of came with the fashion design job that I had. If it didn't quite fit, the label sewn into the back always made up for it.  Now I see something and just know that it will look good on me or absolutely horrible without even trying it on (clearly I avoid the latter).  The freedom in this is that when I see a shape that I like I go for it no matter where I see it. Wearing something that really fits makes it looks 10 x the price.  For example check out these cute suits and peep toe shoes I just got. I did not spend more than $30 on any 1 item. Of course I did not rely on my extrasensory perception. I did actually try them on before buying. 

Old Navy Striped One Piece

Old Navy Anchor Bikini Top

American Apparel Bikini Bottom

Peep Toe Shoe from Payless
(I bought red, black, denim and the stripe)


  1. I never realised it until I just read it, but you are right - you do just know what is going to look good on you once you get into your 30s. Hmmm.........

  2. omg, the Old Navy...! i am so in love right now!

  3. Now that sounds good, I look forward to that and stopping constantly buying crap that doesn't suit me and i won't wear!

  4. i like the old navy striped one!