Friday, May 13, 2011

Gallery Show at the Invisible Dog Gallery


curated by Steven and William 
Surrounding themselves with people and places they love has always been important to Steven and William Ladd.  Their initial encounter with The Invisible Dog was love at first sight. The space brought back childhood fantasies of exploring caves, old buildings, and nature.  Buckets and barrels filled with trinkets and trimmings left behind from a defunct belt factory lined the floors. Lucien Zayan, envisioning the spirit of the future art space, commissioned them to utilize these materials and create a chandelier for the ground floor gallery. This commission blossomed into a friendship and opened the doors to a professional collaboration - from curating The Invisible Store to curating their first art show.
Steven and William have chosen "Obstacle" as the theme of the exhibition; born from the idea of an obstacle course - something to challenge the body and demand attention in the present.  They approached artists and asked them to investigate the work they were making, and how the work relates to obstacles.  The Perfect Storm, by Sally French, deals with the loss of her home during the housing crisis.  Chris Astley explores force, pressure and weight with concrete forms.  In the case of artists Antonia Wright and Ruben Millares, they literally confront theirs with a running start. Steven and William collaborated with their sister Bee Ladd's education program at PS 58, Project Lab.  They spent two weeks talking about obstacles and making art with over 400 students.  Art-education has always been an important way for them to give back to the community and to encourage future artists.
Works by: Chris Astley, Carlton DeWoody, Ethan Long, Steven and William, Chris Dunbar, Suzanne Sattler, Antonia Wright, Ruben Millares, Wayne Adams, Paul Bloodgood, Sally French, Allyn Bromley, Stephen Freedman, Deborah Nehmad, Evan Ryer, Michael Joaquin Grey, Project Lab @ PS58, Aaron Padilla, John Silvis, Anne Pearce, Andrew Zuckerman, Jennifer Mills, Robin Kang, Ian Trask
Contact Information  
The Invisible Dog Art Center 
51 Bergen Street (between Smith street and Boerum Place)
Brooklyn NY 11201
F or G Trains - Bergen street stop

And here is a little sneak peak at the show as I set-up a table in the gift shop full of my new kiln fired decal plates. The series is called Natural Curiosities. Born from a wish to escape the city at times, these plates are imaginary souvenirs from a trip to the coast carefully arranged "on permanent display" to delight and inspire.

More images here.


  1. Oh, the new collection looks fantastic! I like hoe they're arranged practically in a real table format. Nice x

  2. Thank you! I just collected various stuff from around my apartment to dress up the table. Being an obsessive collector has it benefits :)