Saturday, February 21, 2009


I admit it, every once and a while I google myself (ok not myself but BROOKLYNrehab). Today I was surprised to find my porcelain gnomes and mushrooms are controversial. I suppose they are an affront to the strictly modern sensibility of a clutter free home but I'd like to think there is a little room for some tongue and cheek fun in everyone's home. Love them or hate you have a place to post about it! I am happy to say the little guys did manage to charm a few :)


  1. I think your pieces are wonderful......

    Happy Monday! xo

  2. you never know what people will say..... :)
    i think your things are so fun
    take care

  3. Ok, so it totally took me awhile to put two and two together that you are the one at choplet with the awesome little gnomes and birds and such! Clearly up my woodland alley! I also have a pair of your trees I got awhile back that helped inspire my new line. Small world. Which class are you in?

  4. i'm a studio potter so it's mostly late night sessions and weekends for me. we spoke once and i told you i liked your little trays that you pressed your jewelry into. they are very cute! hopefully we will overlap again sometime.


  5. I've been loving your mushrooms, as well as the beautiful branch. I like them both so much I can't decide which one I want to bring into my house.