Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sad Day

Today I lost 2 birds and 2 squirrels. Don't worry they were only ceramic but still after spending hours pouring, drying, sanding, waiting for a bisque fire and then glazing...it is really disappointing when they come out of the kiln all battered and bruised. One bird had a stake through its head, the other a huge blue patch from someone else's piece (picture a gassy cloud of color drifting from one piece to another).

The squirrels were even worse. Most of the glaze melted away leaving huge bald spots. Not very appealing or sellable. I had to trash the lot. I think the studio was in a hurry to load the kiln and were not as careful as usual. I have my suspicions the temperature was a wee too high as well. Tomorrow I go back and start all over again.

Sorry for the downer. I promise to post about a happier time soon!

Until then, check out these lovely pieces as seen on Words and Eggs.


  1. Oh, nuts, I feel for you. Those are some very crowded kilns these days.

  2. yeah happens whenever a class is ending. oh well. thanks for the sympathy!