Thursday, April 9, 2009

Stranger things have happened

I had this idea to use a fowarding address/return to sender stamp to announce an upcoming store event I will be doing (more about that later). While looking for authentic stamps and imagery I stumbled upon these beauties on the Postal History website. They are actually for sale. Just thought I'd share incase you ever need to buy one ;)


  1. That hand in the second photo is a little creepy, I have to say. Saw your plug in ny mag, congrats!

  2. lol! it was late when i posted these. i blame the lack of sleep! that hands does look a little grim reaper-ish!

  3. hey there girl--you're alive!! i figured you'd be buried under clay dust and glaze and shipping boxes--but i see you've managed to add more wonderful posts!-- love the letters!! i think we have some collective unconscious connections happening. i have been using my collection from an estate sale lately ( all in russian --addressed to a bishop ) with some of my shop photos. i love the thin colored papers and all of the stamps and notations ... and the fact that they traveled a long distance...

    yours are really lovely-- i personally love the pointing hands-- i do think the crooked little finger is funny!