Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Things I Learn at Urban

Anni Albers of Bauhaus fame (1899-1994) was a textile designer, weaver, writer, and printmaker. However she is most know for her wallhangings which were often constructed from both traditional and industrial materials. She occasionally experimented with jewelry. (adapted from Wikipedia)

Urban Outfitters has recreated some of her jewelry originally designed for an exhibition called "common object jewelry" and is selling them as kits. I just love the simplicity of the materials and how she strips them of purpose to become nothing more than a purely aesthetic element. Talk about recessionista chic. You can make these at home.

While searching the web for more info on Anni, I found this interesting tribute to her designed by Ligia Dias for sale at the Dover Street Market in London. Ligia Dias' work juxtaposes basic raw materials with the bourgeois values of luxury. The result is an avant-garde combination of ropes and brass plates with ribbon, pearls and glass beads to produce sublime, ethereal but very contemporary necklaces.


  1. very nice. I love that washer/ribbon necklace.

  2. Those are such creative designs! Great post.

  3. Oh, WOW! I agree, the washers and ribbon one is just stunning. I'm really impressed at urban outfitters for doing something quite deep that obviously required thought.. most impressed!

  4. Sweeeeeet! Thanks for sharing. Absolutely enamored with these. :)