Saturday, July 18, 2009


My one my flickr friends is Kelly. She lives in SF with Greg. Aren't they the cutest couple. Normally I look through the their pictures and get nostalgic for my past life in SF before moving to NY but recently I was surprised to see a few scenes that looked very familiar but not from my past but from my present. I realized how nice it is to see your neighborhood through the eyes of others. We all need to make a point to be tourists in our towns so we never lose the ability to look up and really see the inspiration that is around us.


  1. i wish someone would come and take photos in buffalo, so i could see this city through the fresh eyes of a visitor! if i were to take some--they would be of all the downpours we've been having....

    love the bridge and bicycle photos and have been enjoying your other posts too

    :0 :) --happy summer

  2. boooo i know the rain too. feels like we've had only 2 weeks of summer. now it is back to rain again. thanks for coming by!