Monday, September 7, 2009

Bedbugs in Brooklyn

Another modern souvenir in curio style packaging. This time I've collected Cimex Lectularis (also know as bedbugs). Actually it is not real. Come on! I'll pick up a pigeon feather YES but a bedbug NO but the pressed brass bug *is* really lovely and comes with an old type writter typed label on a vintage specimen label.  COMING SOON to BROOKLYNrehab.etsy and A&G Merch. For now only on flickr .

Welcome to BROOKLYN. Don't let the bed bug bite!


  1. A ZILLION times better than a REAL bedbug! what a beauty x

  2. oops i accidently 1st posted the title as "bedbeds"...ha makes them sound cute instead of icky. just changed it now :)

  3. hee hee 'bedbeds' IS cute, I thought it was some special Brooklyn name for them...