Thursday, September 24, 2009

Scavenger Hunt: Fall Fashion

This week is all about fashion!
As it quickly becomes Fall and fashion week has ended in New York I am left wondering what I am going to wear this season. Lots of Blackand Grey come to mind but there is so much else to look for this season.  

Gold Tone Geode Necklace by Laura Lombardi – the delicate chain and statement geode somehow fit so well together.

Susan Guldager’s Black Hug Dress- Amazing hole detail and worth every penny. is a great place to discover a new look and get inspired by street fashion. This girls’ necklace is amazing especially with her itty bitty skirt.

Future Classics’ Grey Cardigan – this season is about grey. 

Beautiful custom dresses from It’s Okay my Dear – Fellow Brooklynite and Etsy Seller! 

Corey Lynn Calter’s Blanket Jacket – it is starting to get breezy out there! 

Unbelievable Riding Boots from Frye 


  1. wow! A dress with room for a hug! Brilliant. Much inspiration x

  2. thanks you guys. i wish i had more energy to post! man it's been a rough week and it is only TUESDAY!

  3. Nice picks! I really want the shoes from that lookbook shot...