Friday, October 2, 2009

Scavenger Hunt: Cozy Home

This week’s post is all about decorating your home. As winter approaches I start to think about staying at home, warm soups, and how to make my home as cozy as possible. I love collecting vintage furniture and adding to my already enormous collection of great flea market finds. I think it might be time to head to Brooklyn Flea or rent a car to go outside the city maybe for some apple picking and also to see what else I can find!!

Lovely refurbished White and Red Fan

Three Potato Four’s keen eye and great style make it a must see any time you go there 

Beautiful Tea Towels that are hand screen printed. 

Beef Stew recipe that looks delicious 

I love the MAKE IT category on Design Crush she has amazing ideas! 

Hemmingway’s House which although looks very spring/ summer, but I still can get loads of inspiration from it. 

Have you seen this dishware from Sandra Monat?!! 

Paula Hayes’s little worlds 


  1. It's that cat that's caught my eye! I'm starting to long for a cat so much that I shall soon be known as crazy cat lady.

  2. me too! but i always say "i"ll wait until i'm settled" but that never seems to happen.