Friday, December 18, 2009

It's Starting to Look Like Christmas

More attempts to get in the holiday mood.

These photos from Herriot Grace make me soon. As seen on Shiny Squirrel.


  1. I read on an other blog that you have a lot of snow in New York.
    Well, we can shake hands, in the Netherlands as well. It is a long time ago that we have so much snow. Ik like the view of it, but I am a little bit afraid to walk over it. Do you like snow?
    I think it can be beautiful to live in a white New York!
    Greetings from Geri

  2. hello. oh i would so love to visit the netherlands. new york was once new amsterdam so we are related ;)

    i love the snow. i hope to protect the patch of white in my backyard while the street snow turns black and dirty. last night it was unreal. the city slept under a white blanket.