Monday, February 22, 2010

Air Plants Identified

The left side of my brain enjoys the organized display of these air plants for sale at Augury's Shop.

The right side enjoys imagining all the great uses for them.
my branch is back on etsy as made to order


  1. I love air plants, I did a post about them not too long ago too, they're supposed to be pretty tough as well, which for me (notorious plant murderer) is a very good thing.

  2. oh nice. i will look for that post. i'm a HUGE fan of succulents too. they are super easy to *not kill*.

  3. me again, Elizabeth I changed the "uses" to link to your post.
    it is lovely!

  4. I am a big plant nerd, I like the concept of your ceramic branch.

  5. hi laurent! nice to see you. hope you've had a productive week so far.