Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Where are they now: Owl set

The Wedding Event at Bubby's was a success last night at least for me since I had very little expectations for my very first event as a vendor.  I learned so much from the other vendors. Like the event amateur that I am, I completely forgot a camera and an email sign-up sheet. I hope everyone who took a card takes the time to look me up. A few photographers snapped up my booth so I hope to have some pics soon. In the meantime here is my reoccurring Where are they now feature. I found this wedding posted on a classifieds site where you can sell used decorations. Awwww I was touched when the bride said my owls seen below were NOT for sale. She wanted to keep them :)


  1. I am glad it went well at Bubby's, looking forward to seeing some pics!