Saturday, February 27, 2010

JellyNY Pop up Store

It's official. I love my vintage ironing board. I also found a good use for my branch arrangement left over from the wedding event. I clipped necklaces to it using very tiny gold old fashion paper clips. The rest you will have to come and see in person. The store is at Union and Metropolitan in Williamsburg. It is Saturday through Monday.

I met Stephanie Dowda (1/2 of The Palifox Legend) who did the wonderful art pieces on the walls. I hope to collaborate with her one day. She is a talent!


  1. note to self...get a longer table cloth so you can't see my staples box underneath!

  2. what's a pop up store? like a group shop? very exciting in any event.

  3. a pop-up store is a temporary store in someone else's space. in this case it is 5 vendors for 3 days. usually it is in empty store fronts. it is great for people who can not afford the overhead for renting a store front for an entire year.

  4. Hey Alyssa, Chocolate Photography here! Thanks for stopping by my blog and I am glad you like the photos! I think you have the monopoly on creativity with some of the stuff I saw!! Great work and I would love to work with you most definitely. I have some ideas and would run them by you when the time comes!