Friday, March 12, 2010

Yes sir that's my tooth

I'm in good company this weekend at the Homemade: Brooklyn event at the Kill Devil Hill store in Greenpoint. Jessica of The Shiny Squirrel put it together with Moni. Look forward to jewelry from Odette and the newly formed collective You Me and the Royal We.

Thank for Jennifer for the lovely composed press image.
I could not resist borrowing it ;)

Here are some pics of the store (added later).

My display is a lot like the JellyNY one but I added a few school supplies. I now have clip board necklace displays and mini divider jewelry stands. I can post a little tutorial on the divider display next week so you all can see the back. I also spontaneously added a new product to my line...PIGEONS. I disassembled various fake birds from the florist shop added a little paint and some imagination to end up with my own breed of decorative pigeons. More on that later too.

Here are some other people's work that caught my eye:

more image on flickr.


  1. cool! congraulations, alyssa! :)

  2. Hi Lambert. Let's meet up again on a NICE day soon.

  3. Sure, sounds good ... nice weather and away from any doggie parks are two required conditions, I agree :)

  4. looks fantastic! sorry i missed you this weekend...hope it was great!